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:: Crown and Bridge


The craftsmanship of our technicians, combined with the most up-to-date technology and the use of only the best quality materials available, allow us to deliver crowns that are a perfect combination of value and quality. From PFM to Full Cast to All Ceramic, we offer a full range of highly esthetic conventional restorations.





Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) Crowns


Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) restorations are still widely used for fixed prosthetics. They are a predominant choice due to their strength, durability, simplicity and versatility in restoring function while maintaining esthetics. PFM non-Precious restorations are still the prescribed restoration of choice by many dentists. We also offer our PFMs in quality porcelain, high noble, high noble yellow and noble alloys.





Full-Cast Crown


Crane’s gold restorations are completely bio-compatible. Gold is simple. It's predictable and beautiful. It is suitable to opposing dentition and biocompatible with patient's soft tissue which eliminates sensitivity and allergic reaction. Available in high-noble to semi-precious gold.








All Ceramic Crowns





ips emax pressIPS e.Max Press


High strength, high esthetic glass-ceramic ingot for Press technique.


The PRESS technique has established itself as a state-of-the-art processing method, becoming synonymous with esthetic and accurately fitting all-ceramic restorations.


IPS e.max PRESS new biocompatible lithium disilicate glass-ceramic ingots. They offer the fit, form and function which is expected from pressed ceramics. In addition, they offer improved flexural strength (400 MPa).






High strength, high esthetic glass-ceramic for CAD/CAM technique.


IPS e.max CAD unites modern processing technology with a high performance material. Lithium disilicate glass-ceramic is manufactured through an innovative technological process that is unique in the dental technology.


The glass-ceramic is processed in a crystalline intermediate phase. In this "soft" state, the material exhibits its unusual "bluish" color and strength of approximately 160 MPa.


In this "bluish" phase, the restorations can be manually adjusted or cut-back in a fast and efficient fashion. IPS e.max CAD acquires its final strength of 360 MPa, as well as the desired esthetic characteristics, such as tooth color, translucency and brightness during simple and quick crystallization process at 850 degree Celsius. Subsequently, the crown can be stained and glazed or veneered with IPS e.max Ceram.




Lava™ Plus Zirconia

Lava™ Plus Zirconia offers excellent translucency without compromising strength and aging stability. Lava™ Plus Dyeing Liquids are based on 3M ESPE’s patented colouring ion technology offering unique warm and natural aesthetic appearance with a precise and consistent colour match to Vita® Classical Shades. It reflects true colours - meaning an A2 is an A2.






Cercon ht

With True Color Technology, Cercon ht defines a new benchmark for Shade Accuracy!


Shade accuracy and shade consistency are the central elements of ceramic restorations – and crucial for success.


Cercon ht is now available in the 16 Vita®* Classical Shades precisely matched to the Vita shade standard.


The new Cercon ht Shaded Zirconia consistently delivers shade accuracy across the full range of the Classic Vita shades.