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June 2011:


Crane Dental Laboratory sponsored “Technological Advances in Implant Dentristry,” a program that provided a brief overview and history of the imaging modalities commonly used in implant surgery and their limitations. Cone beam imaging was highlighted in detail specifically focusing on 3D imaging and how it has revolutionized the way dental professionals treatment plan their surgical patients.


This technology is beneficial in patient communication; allowing patients to better visualize their problem and see the virtual plan to solve it, aiding in increased patient understanding and case acceptance. The presentation provided the basics in software planning and the relation to surgical procedure.





December 2010:


Crane Dental Laboratory sponsored a Complete Dentures Seminar in December 2010 with Brodine Prosthodontic  Seminars.  This course taught by Dr. Alan Brodine, D.M.D., P.C. taught dentists advanced principles and predictable methods for all steps in complete denture fabrication. 


Using the teachings of Dr. Thomas Abrahamsen, “Teeth in Space,” participants were instructed on using anatomical landmarks and the Lower Anterior Point to accurately position teeth for the edentulous patients. Instruction methods for this 2 ½ day seminar included lecture, video demonstration and hands on manipulation of materials.


For more information on courses available from Dr. Alan Brodine follow this link.






April 2010:


Crane Dental Laboratory and Straumann USA sponsored a workshop on April 29th in Rochester, NY.


Dr. Thomas Zahavi presented an exceptional explanation of a complex procedure on “Demystifying the Hybrid Denture”. Dr. Zahavi is a board certified periodontist and prosthodontist and currently maintains a private practice in periodontics and implant dentistry.


The seventy-nine attendees enjoyed a delicious dinner at Mario’s Restaurant and participated in a great learning experience. All doctors and their staff received 2 CE credits.


Crane Dental Lab and Straumann USA would like to thank Dr. Zahavi and all the participants for a wonderful evening.


Many attendees expressed interest in future hands-on workshops on implants and removable prosthetics. We are currently working on additional programs. Watch for information on our web site or call for information.





January 2010:


Crane Dental Laboratory became a certified Staub Cranial dental laboratory. Lance Phelps, Bernie Marrero and Mike Sweet were certified in the Staub Cranial Denture System. The Staub Cranial System is revolutionary in its thinking, methods, and science. Using mathematical calculations is a completely new approach which sets new standards in dentistry and dental technology. Clearly defined reference points, unknown to date in dentistry, have now replaced relative reference parameters. Staub Cranial System makes available for the first time a process for calculating a patient’s natural dentition regardless of his or her current dental situation. This technology has the ability to eliminate appointments and save time. It has been proven to give a more accurate, cosmetic, and long-lasting restoration. This system has a quick turnaround time and precise results to avoid multiple follow- up appointments for adjustments.


For further information follow this link.






November 2009:


Bernie Marrero and Mike Sweet attended a full day training program at CDM Dental to learn the latest techniques of thermoplastic materials offered by VisiClear, DurAcetal and DuraFlex. This training program focused on the latest technology on how to fabricate removable partials, clasps, night guards, unilateral, provisional temporary crowns and bridges and diagnostic appliances.






October 2009:


Rick Dzierzanowski and Mike Sweet attended a three day certification program at Ivoclar/Vivadent training center in Amherst, NY. The focus was on methods of communication between clinician and technician, denture tooth set-up techniques for anterior and posterior teeth and denture occlusion schemes.