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:: In Laboratory Time Schedule

Custom tray/Baseplates/Rims 2 Days
Acrylic partials 1 Day
Set Up 4 Days
Finish 4 Days
Duraflex Partials 5 Days
Immediate/Temporary Denture 5 Days
Partial Framework 7 Days
Partial Framework with Set Up 9 Days
Partial Framework, Set up and Finish 10 Days
Repairs/Reline 1 Day
Crown and Bridge Services 10 Days
Nightguards/Splints 4 Days
Hybrid Bars 10 Days
Surgical Stents 5 Days



“Rush Policy”

We understand sometimes it is necessary to request expedited services, please call with any requests before sending in work.

*Please remember these are full IN LAB BUSINESS DAYS excluding Delivery Days, Holidays and Weekends.