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Clear Aligners

Straightening your patients’ smiles with greater comfort.

Why Clear Aligners?

• Made from a premium thermoformed plastic material that is engineered for precision fit, ongoing force retention, and exceptional durability

• Tear and stain resistant

• Manufactured in the USA using FDA 510(k) cleared, MDSAP certified processes

• Each clear aligner is marked with a unique identifier code for the case and the stage

Treatment Options

Perfect for Esthetic Cases.

• Mild to moderate movements like crowding, spacing, midline shift, overbite, and open bite

• Clear retainers available

Advanced Engineering

• Premium Material – continual force for faster treatment and greater comfort for your patient

• Improved Stain Resistance – starts clear, stays clear

Modular Packaging

• Our modular packaging accommodates as many stages as the case requires.

• Modular Box includes:

      – Clear aligners in baggies

      – Care Kit: Carrying case, removal tool

      – Patient Guide

      – Treatment Review Plan


With our commitment to create the perfect fit for you patients, our dentures set us apart from the rest

We work with any implant system and material you choose.

We combine traditional methods with new technology to create the perfect personalized fit.

We provide dental sleep medicine for obstructive sleep apnea, so your patients can sleep better.