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Removable Prosthetics

Our dentures set us apart from the rest.

At Crane Dental Laboratory we utilize TIS (Teeth In Space) principles on every case design. Using methods taught by Dr. Thomas Abrahamsen, denture teeth are set according to principles taught in Dr. Abe’s book, Teeth in Space.

“A treatise of the three-dimensional position of teeth in relationship to other anatomical parts of the stomatognathic system. With the conglomeration of the other authors known works and Dr. Abrahamsen’s discovery of Anterior Point, the subjectivity of vertical dimension of occlusion, freeway space, occlusal plane, position, occlusal plane curvature, esthetics and phonetics can now be objectively determined. This has value in all of what we do in dentistry, but especially in the treatment of the edentulous patient, the reconstruction patient, the severely worn dentition, orthodontics, orthognathic surgery and implantology. The precise position of every tooth specifically for each patient can be determined by utilizing established anatomical norms for all three dimensions. When these guidelines of normal are applied to the analysis of accurate casts mounted in centric relation in an adjustable articulator, the uncertainties in diagnosis and treatment planning are eliminated.”

Teeth in Space, Dr. Abe


From our choice of high quality Materials such as our GC and Ivocap acrylics to our Dentsply or Ivoclar teeth to the many quality checks each product receives. Our dentures are designed to heighten your patient’s sense of well being and complement their appearance. With our technician’s vast knowledge and experience with materials and design we can make even the most complex cases from full dentures to combination cases predictable and stress free.

Partial Dentures

Our partial denture frames receive the same quality and care as our full dentures. Using Nobilium alloys and Cad designed frameworks make our partials stand out from the competition. Give your patient’s more confidence when eating, smiling, and appearing in public with our excellent aesthetics. Not only do we fabricate acrylic partials but we also manufacture Zirlux Acytel, Duraflex, VisiClear,Ultaire AKP and Titanium milled partials.

Duraflex Flexible Partials

Duraflex partials are designed for maximum flexibility while maintaining a balance between retention, support and stability without the use of metal framework. Duraflex‘s color matched natural pigment shades make Duraflex partials less noticeable. These partials are light weight and flexible and are more comfortable to wear. A partial that is strong and flexible and practically unbreakable. For those difficult partials this may be the answer.

Dentsply DLP Digital Dentures

We have seamlessly integrated the digital workflow into our traditional dental practices. With the Carbon printer, 3D printed dentures combine high-impact performance with long-lasting aesthetics to provide a quick and durable dental solution for you and your patient. This new technology requires less appointments to get the finished product, effectively cutting down the time your patient spends in your chair.


We work with any implant system and material you choose.

We combine traditional methods with new technology to create the perfect personalized fit.

We provide dental sleep medicine for obstructive sleep apnea, so your patients can sleep better.

Straightening your patients’ smiles with greater comfort.