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Implant Prosthetics

We work with any implant system and material you choose.

Crane Dental Laboratory also offers a wide range of Implant products and case planning services. We offer a complete line of precision and semi-precision attachments, precision milling as well as any custom design that is needed. The following is only a select few of our products. From single implants to multiple implants, our technicians can assist in planning your case with guided surgical plans utilizing a variety of implant systems.

Encode® Empowered

Crane Dental Laboratory is proud to be an Encode® Empowered laboratory, which allows us to offer expertly designed OEM abutments. Through this BellaTek™ Encode® program, our team scans and controls the design of their CAD/CAM abutments. This control results in a faster turnaround and a simplified workflow.

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Surgical Stents

Our surgical stents are fabricated using a clear processed duplicate of an existing denture or a new set up. Single tooth or multi tooth stents are fabricated using tube sleeve guides. Fully guided surgical planning is also available. We provide Straumann Smile In A Box services, and we are a CHROME Guided Surgery Certified Lab.

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Bar Overdenture

Over-denture bars are fabricated with cad/cam designing and milling technology. Our Bar Overdentures come with a variety of attachments such as Hader bars, Locator, Swiss lock, ERA, Rhine 83 or any other attachment you may require. We also offer fully guided surgical planning.

Screw Retained Hybrids

Our Screw Retained Hybrids are offered in many types depending on patient needs and the amount of vertical available. From milled titanium bars with acrylic to fully milled Zirconia, Crystal Ultra Hybrid restorations as well as many other solutions and designs.


With our commitment to create the perfect fit for you patients, our dentures set us apart from the rest

We combine traditional methods with new technology to create the perfect personalized fit.

We provide dental sleep medicine for obstructive sleep apnea, so your patients can sleep better.

Straightening your patients’ smiles with greater comfort.